Sunday Worship at St. Luke's @ 10 a.m.

In-person worship began on October 11. Our plan is to phase in worship as we get more comfortable meeting together. Some notable changes to our schedule will be limited hymns and the request that you not join in singing, communion only once a month, and that you will be seated by an usher. Please know that everything we are doing is to keep you safe and that is our utmost concern. We will continue to live stream our worship services at 10:00 a.m. on YouTube The recorded video will also be available to view later on our website and YouTube.

Here are the guidelines that we will be asking you to follow for in person worship:

· No more than 2 people or one family unit per pew, alternating every other pew.

· Masks will be worn during the entire service.

· Congregational singing will be minimal. People must be seated and wearing a mask during any hymns.

· Two elders assigned each day willprovide a mask if needed, seat people, and help with hand sanitizing.

· Communion will be premade and in the pews before worship begins.

· Communion will be once a month until we reopen Sunday school

· Gatherings after church are discouraged.

· Cookie time - Anyone can bring individually bagged cookies for others to take home. Please contact Scott (832.444.7273) if you would like to provide cookies.

· All choir activities will be limited to the chancel.

· Passing of the peace will be a wave from the pew.

· Worship order will be designed to cut down activities that could result in spread of the virus.

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